Thursday, July 19, 2018

Seaside Art Journal Page | Julie Nutting Paper Dolls

Happy Thursday! I had a wee bit of quiet time today in between shuttling around the younger boys. Almost caught up with the laundry as well…at least for now! So, I had time to edit the video I filmed while I made this Art Journal page. After posting my Cinderella themed one, I had a bunch of requests for more PAPER DOLLS! You can see the Cinderalla themed one –>HERE.

Creating these Art Journal pages with Paper Doll stamps is one of my truest forms of relaxation. I love creating a mood and a feeling with each of these pages.  This one is beach themed and my Paper Doll is joined by a Paper Guy! I love the beach and so do my husband and our boys, so this one is truly inspired by how I always feel: Let’s go to the Beach!

The paper is still in stock! I was so happy and relieved to see that it was still available. I have the link below!  It really was the perfect paper for my scene. I love how this sweet couple looks with it as the backdrop. The sentiment is one that I truly believe and it comes from another one of the Paper dolls. I stamped it with a brown that matches some of the elements in the background so it stands out enough but doesn’t look like it doesn’t belong.

I ended up adjusting the hair on the dolls after filming. I like how it fills in her face a little more and it really made the gus’ hair look more even.

Video Tutorial:
Click HERE to view in HD format



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