Friday, October 19, 2012


Last week, I talked a little bit about Bunch and today I thought that I’d explain a little better what it is as well as share a video that explains the concept really well.


Here is some info that  I took from their site:

What is Bunch?

It's so easy to share your "interests" online... there are billions of Likes, Tweets, and Pins each day.
But what are you really passionate about?
Bunch is for those passions. A place to share what you love with other passionate people.

How it works

Join a Bunch around your passion
Each members can only choose one passion at a time. That means everyone in your Bunch really shares your interest.
Your Bunch is the perfect place to share thoughts, photos and links.
See what others in your Bunch are sharing. Leave a comment or rate a post to provide feedback.

How We Use Your Data

We provide Facebook login to create an easier sign-up process. Our goal is not to share your Facebook information with others, so we do only use your first name, last name initial, and location. In the future, we’ll also display your work and school info, but not your age. We won’t link to your Facebook profile.


There is a Stampers Bunch and I was asked to join up and to start posting and sharing my projects….I think they call it beta testing. In any event, if is working great and I was asked to start inviting my blogging friends (that means you) to join! I hope to see you there!

Take a look and see if you might be interested.


To join, use this web access here: 

There is also an i-Phone app but at the moment, it is only available in Canada

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