Monday, July 4, 2016

My Art Journal | Julie Nutting & More + Video

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend has been wonderful! We actually just returned last night from an impromptu beach visit! We went to Hampton Beach for a 3-day weekend and had a wonderful time. With the boys getting older and with our lives so increasingly busy, when you have a little gap in the schedule and the forecast is for sun……you take off! The water was cold but we had fun nonetheless.

A week or so ago, I shared a Craft Haul video (you can find it here) that shared a Julie Nutting mermaid stamp that I had been hunting for and had finally found! I asked if anyone was interested in seeing my Art Journal Album and/or seeing any paper doll themed videos. I know that many other crafters have similar videos so I didn’t know if anyone was interested but with the level of comments and likes on the video, I think that there are some who would indeed enjoy some!

I first saw the idea of using these paper dolls to create scenes when I saw videos by both Stephanie Klauck and Nichol Magourik. I loved the idea and started my own album. You can see that I am influenced by the style of both these girls.

Enjoy the video. At the end I have added the stills of each page and I am getting ready to film the creation of more Paper Doll pages!

Video Tutorial:
Click HERE to vie in HD format
I have tried my best to find everything that I used and provided links :)

Stay tuned for more Art Journaling ;)

Hugs Jeanette xxo

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