Monday, September 1, 2008

Javablu award

On my goodness. What a crazy few days I have had. It has been like to whirlwind around here. We had friends visiting and then my neighbour and I "did the tomatoes" for the coming year. It was long and messy but we now both have our tomato sauce canned for the next year. Thank goodness it is only once a year! My older son helped us out and worked so hard. I was very proud of him! Yesterday was my sweet nephews birthday and we went over to celebrate. So I've been busy and I am trying to visit everyone's blog and catch up but I'm a little behind!

Lisa so kindly gave me this award and it was such a nice surprise. She is very talented and I am so honored. It is called the Javablu award and I am going to pass it along to my new friends at the Sketch Saturday Challenge. I am so amazed and so lucky to be part of this team which is so incredibly talented!

This is for you! I am so looking forward to working with you all!

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