Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Hi everyone! I don’t have a card to share with you today. Instead I thought I would let you know about a few changes that you may or may not have noticed on my blog :)

Last year, things started to get a little more hectic for me and I began to think long and hard about what my goals were for this coming year and to re-assess where I was devoting some of my time.

As you probably know if you follow my blog, I have a great husband, 3 amazing boys that we are raising and I volunteer within our community. I wanted to make sure that these things remained my priority and my focus this year.

Since my youngest has started school, I have been able to start teaching coloration classes at a store nearby (Scrapbook Centrale). To be perfectly honest with you, one of the reasons I decided to do this was just to challenge myself. I tend to be a little shy with people I don’t know and I wanted to overcome this. Now, I look forward to my classes and have had the pleasure to meet so many lovely ladies :) I am soooo glad that I took that plunge.

I embarked on my first December Daily Album in 2011. It is finished…..well almost. I just have the pictures from the 24th and 25th to slip in and then I can call it done :) It was an amazing experience for all of us. It truly is a phenomenal way to BE PRESENT in the moments and the delights of such a short but wonderful time of the year. The first time my 10-year old son said to me “Quick, get the camera! This would be a great picture for our December Daily!” I knew in that instant that this album really worked! I had been a scrap-booker before I discovered the world of stamping and unfortunately, this fell by the wayside. I decided that it was too important to let this continue. So, this is one of the first changes that I have made. I am doing a Project Life album this year. I hope to be able to keep it going for the entire year.

I have had a lot of emails and comments about my videos. Don’t worry. I will continue making them. In fact, I hope to make them a little more regular feature on my blog. Again, I need the time. Filming and then editing them so that they are not overly long…is a little time-consuming. At least it is for me. I am teaching myself as I go along.

All this to say, I did have to step down from 2 of the design teams that I was on. It was not easy, but I knew that I could not continue to juggle so many DT commitments. It was becoming increasingly difficult. So, I stepped down from the Pink Ink Sketch challenge in the Fall and have now stepped down from the Sketch Saturday Challenge as well. I had taken a break from SS for the last month or so, but realized that it was indeed time to leave. I am going to miss all the girls and Jo especially.

I will still serve on the Design Teams of Whiff of Joy Stamps, Tickled Pink Stamps, La-la Land Craft Stamps and the on-line store Stamp & Create. I hope to now have to time and the freedom to create and post a little more according to my schedule, to continue making instructional videos and to teach.

I am excited to be doing Project Life. I love the idea of creating an album that truly reflects the way we are as a family. Crazy, goofy, not always perfect but one that is filled with love and laughter. To document the little things that make each of us who we are. I am not sure if I will be sharing these pages here on my blog. I am not sure there would be that much interest in seeing them.  You guys come here to see my cards. I will have to think more on that.

I promise that this will be the longest post in 2012. Tomorrow I will return with a new card to share with you all!

Hugs Jeanette xxo


Maria Therese said...

Yes it's hard being on too many dt's and it's hard stepping down too but it feels so much better when it's done ;) Looking forward to see what you make in 2012 :)

Lacey Stephens said...

Hey sweetie. I tried to leave a comment yesterday but blogger wasn't letting me. Anyway, I always thought you had such a crazy personal and DT schedule! I'm glad that you will be able to take a little time and try to spend more time with your family. Of course, I'm super excited that you have chosen to stay on with me!! :-)

Jo said...

Missing you xx


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